Five-day educational conference content and curriculum:

• To define the problem of Pediatric Cancer in CEE in terms of the types and numbers of cases, and the main problems experienced by patients and their families

• To introduce the concept of Case Management and models of application to vulnerable patients with complex needs generally and pediatric cancer patients in particular

• To explore the strengths and weakness of current service provision in pediatric cancer in the participating countries

• To begin to engage with the practical issues surrounding the organisation of care for children and their families

• To explore the complexities of case management and inter-professional communication

• To examine the wider organisational issues surrounding the organisation of care across disciplines, professions, organisations and agencies

• To discuss mechanisms for delivering case management interventions and evaluating its impact

• To explore the ethical, cultural, legal and ethical issues surrounding inter-disciplinary assessment and care management

• To explore issues of consent by patients and families for information sharing

• To explore the barriers to access and difficulties encountered by socially disadvantaged, deprived or socially excluded children and families

• To explore in depth the issues relating to families who are difficult to engage and to explore practical techniques for their engagement

• To explore the barriers to the implementation of case management in pediatric cancer in CEE

• To examine the complexities of network working with a particular emphasis on communication, team building and conflict resolution

• To explore the issues around multi-disciplinary team working

• To consider mechanisms for implementing case management in pediatric cancer across CEE

• Training the trainers aspect of the program

• Developing an implementation plan